On Saturday 11 August the Cornish Food Club is hosting its first lobster grill at Maltby Street Market. Chef Rafal Suder (Harrison’s Brasserie, Gilmour’s) will be grilling whole lobsters to order for just £15, which includes a very special salad mix from The Modern Salad Grower. No tickets necessary for this one, but lobsters must be pre-ordered by 5pm Wednesday via the form below.

Freshly caught Dorset (boo! hiss!) lobsters from Christchurch Fish will be given the briefest of blanches before being dipped liberally in garlic butter and grilled over white-hot coals. A side salad of organic Cornish leaves and edible flowers picked specifically to compliment the juicy lobster meat keep this summer special nice and light.

But wait, there’s more!

Fret not, meat lovers! We shall also be grilling our favourite rib-eye and cote de boeuf steaks alongside our usual fresh meat, vegetables and cider stall. See you on Saturday!

How to find us:

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